Yii2 Debugger In Action

Awesome! Congratulations and thanks for the great work!

[size="2"][color="#1c2837"]This is great.[/color][/size]



Just looking at the SQL tab, looks like the SQL outputted is the query before it runs through the placeholders so you don’t actually get the query as its run. This would be a huge issue if this is the case as its very often that these queries are copied into a sql admin tool to play around with.

Also at the risk of repeating features that might already be in progress (might be worth posting a list), It would be nice to see variables in yii->app() (e.g. config options loaded) and also all views/partials loaded. These might be on the configuration page but you didn’t show that in the video.

Basically porting over the features from yii-debug-toolbar would be great start ;)

If I’ve got this wrong just ignore me :rolleyes:.Great work so far.

Another idea for an improvement: Keep the currently active tab open when browsing through latest requests. Don’t reset the view to “Request” every time.

@Jaggi: I just fixed the SQL display. Could you please summarize the missing features?

@Ben: done.

How difficult is it to extend/style the debugger? I prefer something more compact than the default full-screen style.

You can use the theming feature in Yii 2 which allows you to replace any view file with your own version.

Very nice, I updated my Admin-Panel a few days ago, also located at the bottom ;)

It’s available in the frontend and backend.

Could we get a component in Yii2, where you can register/add additional menu items?

How do I use this debug module?

I’ve added the module in my config file, but when I choose the route ‘debug’ it complains about a missing tag parameter. But how or where do I get this tag?

Onman: check out basic app config: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/blob/master/apps/basic/config/web.php#L6

it is added as a module and also put in preload.

Thanks! I overlooked the preload config.

It’s a really good extension in Yii. I have an idea for improment:

After clicking on any links of debug toolbar, it starts a new request and the browser will load new page => It’s not really comfortable.

I need to come back to my action after debugging, to do this i must press many time on the back button of browser. So! Could you display debug panels as dialog and this dialog contain an escaping button. When i want to escape the debug panel, i only need to press on escaping button. After clicking it, the dialog will be closed and i can come back to my action easily.