yii2 custom form auto suggestion

i have a message form like this

<?= Html::beginForm(['admin/site-developer/get-developers'], 'post', ['enctype' => 'multipart/form-data', 'id' => 'form']);


<?= Html::input('text','dev-name',null,['id' =>'autocomplete-input']) ?>

<?= Html::endForm(); ?>

i want name of developer show in input when i enter first letter on her name

in controller i write

  public function actionGetDevelopers(){

        $model = Developers::find()->select('name')->asArray()->all();

       echo Json::encode($model);


i searched same topic in stackoverflow and i find this thread Autocomplete in yii2

but its not too similar with my purpose it create a seprate input

any suggestion for me to do this ??