Yii2 Console Controllers Give No Parameter Help

In Yii1, I got used to the console command parameters hinting, so I don’t have to remember which parameters console command has - I just issue a php yiic.php migrate command and see the parameters - that is very helpful.

I didn’t find it in Yii2. Is this by design or will it be implemented in the future?

What do you mean?

I will give more information later, can’t use that yii1 project right now.

Ok, I finally got it:

when I ussied the command without index action or added unrecognized action, I got a great help with all the parameters and hint of their default values:

/var/www/www/protected# php yiic.php processprice

Error: Unknown action: index

Usage: yiic.php processprice <action>


    addUpdateActivate --path=value --supplier=value

    testIterator --path=value --supplier=value [--articulString=]

    addNew --path=value --supplier=value

    update --path=value --supplier=value [--articulString=]



This was a great help. I miss it in Yii2.

I do understand, that the approach to the console commands changed, and now the class attributes are configured this way. Anyway, I think such a hinter should be implemented, don’t you think?

You’ve mentioned migrate command that behaves exactly as it does in 1.1.

@samdark, yes, but that’s not the case.

Look at this command’s help

It’s obvious and intuitive. And useful: I can copy the line to the notepad, edit it and paste back.

And I know articulString is optional, and it’s default value is null or false. Very intuitive!

It’s the parameter pass, order and hinting - 3 in 1.

That’s what I miss in Yii2. Let’s bring it back.

Do you think creating an issue should help?

Yes, please.