Yii2 Cms - Any Recommendations?

Hi All,

I know Yii2 is still not a stable release, and so the available Yii2 extensions list is smaller than Yii1, however I’m curious if anyone knows of a good project for a Yii2 CMS extension (basically something that allows for editing site pages).

I’ll probably start working on my own Yii2 CMS extension unless there is a good project I can join and contribute to.



Not yet that I am aware of. I may try to build a CMS extension (probably when Yii2 beta is through)… and would open it for community.

I am upgrading my gxc-cms on yii2 too. But this time, it will be a paid version. And I am implementing a module structure to support multi-type sites like: cms, business directories and ecommerce.

any updates on this?


Try DotPlant2. It is currently in alpha stage, but beta is coming!

GitHub: https://github.com/devgroup-ru/dotplant2

SkeekS CMS — yii2 cms