Yii2 captcha working on localhost fine but not working on live server?

I have a project on Yii2 advanced. In my contact page on localhost captcha is working fine but not working on online. The only thing I have changed is route in my UrlManager. like

'<alias:captcha|index|nepal|login|auth|signup|about|contact|logout|terms|privacy|member|delivery|service|request-password-reset|reset-password>' => 'site/<alias>',


What exanctly do you mean with "but not working on online"?

You must be more specific when asking for help…


[*] Do you reveice any error message? (Describe what you see)

[*] Does it work when you use the same route in UrlManager like you use local?

[*] Have you checked if the server has everything required installed? (requirements.php from app root folder)


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This sounds like you possibly have a missing library and/or module in your PHP installation online. Check the PHP error logs and see what it says. It should tell you what is missing.

Also make sure you’re using an up to date version of PHP. Recommended is PHP 5.6 or higher.

Yeup… that was my servers fault…

Hello, I have same problem, on localhost captcha works, but on live server captcha always says "The verification code is incorrect."

I have updated php to version 5.6, it didnt help.

What else can I try? where do I look for clues logs, how to debug this problem?

Hi @daulet in my case, In the server there was not enabled GD or Imagick. Once enabled that worked for me.

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