Yii2 captcha generate image without render character

Hi guys,

I need you help.

Yii2 captcha is working in our testing server but when we deploy to production server there is strange behaviour occurs

the captcha image is generated but those words didn’t render.

anybody encounter this before please give me some advise.

PS: php-gd, php-imagick (installed)

thanks a lot

Is installed php-gd?

thank you for replying. php-gd installed

All settings are by default?

If so, paste this url into your browser:


And show me result

I double checked and run requirement.php.

I also reinstall those gd and imgaix plugin.

sorry. this is my first post I cannot post url or embed url. so i encode the link as base64.



Please help and give some advise

This seems to be a problem with imagick installation in your production server, because yii2-captcha prefers imagick when both imagick and gd are installed. Try uninstall imagick and see what happens. Will yii2-captcha work with gd?

And I think comparing the ‘php-info’ output of your production server with that of the testing server may help you spot the cause of the problem.