Yii2 CAPTCHA being solved

I have a couple of websites for different clients that utlize a simple Yii2 CAPTCHA. A couple of times I have received almost the exact same spam message on 2 different websites (the name field was different (although similar) Same first name, no space different last name). Message field was identical.
Is it possible some bot has fingerprinted Yii2 based sites and knows how to solve the captchas when they are left with default settIngs?

For reference, I do not have a business site where I list sites I have worked on in any way.


Yes. Yii CAPTCHA is fairly simple for image recognition-enabled bots. Try “math CAPTCHA”. Could be installed from one of extensions.

Thank you for that suggestion. I guess my bigger question is, are Yii2 sites being fingerprinted and targeted, like what are the chances that 3 of my sites that to my knowledge are not connected via hosting, or me listing my projects on my own website) all get the same spam message?

Also, I created a new account for this question, as I did not want it tied to my existing profile on the forum for what it is worth to people.

Could be. I don’t have any idea on how to verify or deny it.