Yii2 Calendar Event managment


I was starting to write an Calendar Event CRUD for allowing the user to input calendar events. And do the usual things like mark them as all day, or between start and end datetimes, and repeats.

Surprisingly (or not) this is going to take some time to set-up.

So I have Googled and can’t find any, but I was wondering if there are any extensions out there for Yii2 that manage events already, to save me some effort, with things like event repeat (say every week, once a month, … ect), and possibly add custom fields (though I can extend that myself if needed).


Ok, I have found a article that extends fullcalendar, basically giving it a backend.

I will work through this and see if I can’t adapt it to my Yii2 code.


You may find this intresting intresting : https://github.com/p...ii2fullcalendar

It doesn’t implement Event persistence but has a nice presentation widget.



Cheers friend, but I should have mentioned:

I already have that installed and running, I needed a back-end for it though.

However, thanks for the help anyway, it’s really appreciated.