yii2 breaking my query

Hi all!

yii2 is adding " ` " symbols in the wrong places in my


part of the query and it is breaking the query.

Is there a way to remove this behaviour? Or maybe force yii2 to take what’s written in orderBy as plain text? It’s in a search model class so I can’t use (or dont know how to) use


in there as then the

->andFilterWhere(['like', 'foo.bar', $this->bar])

parts of the code don’t seem to work anymore.

This is my orderBy:

$query->orderBy("LENGTH(REPLACE(`apgerbi`.`artikuls`,`kolekcijas`.`nosaukums`, '' ) ) ASC, REPLACE(`apgerbi`.`artikuls`,`kolekcijas`.`nosaukums`, '' ) ASC");

yii2 is transforming it to this:

LENGTH(REPLACE(`apgerbi`.`artikuls`, `kolekcijas`.`nosaukums`, `'' ) )`, REPLACE(`apgerbi`.`artikuls`, `'' )`

which is breaking it.

Use array instead of string in orderBy() (see Note here)

Thank you very much, it worked!