Yii2-Bootstrap Package

I’ve just noticed the yii2-bootstrap package and asked myself if it will be possible to send pull requests to this repo, because it’s stated in the description “[READ ONLY] …”.

Same applies for yiisoft/yii2, which is in this repo: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2-framework - the naming could be a bit confusing, btw.

But sending PRs from the repos in vendor is a very nice workflow.

Subtree splits are currently read only. So no pull requests for these. Core team can’t push in these as well.

OK, let’s leave this aside for now.

But it hinders in development when using the libraries via composer. Eg. I am now updating yii2-bootstrap, but have to copy all my changes manually into yii2 and push from there.

Any thoughts about subtree pushes or merges?


Or use git submodules (yii2-bootstrap and yii2-framework) in yii2, should be no big deal for the core devs to use git clone --recursive?

Disregard this, I think it’s fine to work from the main development repo.

Will continue this topic if needed.