Yii2 boilerplate


we at ComBC created Yii2 boilerplate with Vagrant and Yii 2 Advanced Application Template. What do you think about?



Our website combc.eu

Funny, but I cannot add the url :slight_smile:

Yes, new members can’t add urls. Thanks, looks fine. It would be better to fork yii2-app-advanced instead, it is updated regularly.

@bis thanks for the good catch on using the branch. We will definitely go this direction as that will enable us to create a more stable solution for evaryone to use.

Any other info about our work is very much appreciated and we want to hear more sudgestions to better the things we do.

The changes proposed by @bis were introduced.

Feel free to tests.


@bis Could you throw a link to the repository.

Thank you, I see, I will test it the next time I will go ‘vagrant’.

The link is

really hate bootstrap. it looks shit on desktop. as 99% of sites that use bootstrap.

@bis Thank you for adding the link.

@uEhlO4a If you want you can always disable the bootstrap in yii2.

That’s because 99% of people using Bootstrap never bother to customize it.