Yii2 blog tutorial


Maybe this topic is way too old for some but I really don’t understand why there isn’t an official tutorial for a blog based in Yii2. Really sad.

So anyone knows where I can find a really good tutorial where I can learn how to integrate a blog to an app I made based in Yii2?

It’s missing because of a lack of resources mainly. Since you already have an app, I assume you’re more or less familiar with framework so try creating a blog and ask questions if blocked by anything.

Ok I’ll do that! but if someone knows of a great tutorial out there… tell about it.

Here are few tutorials I’ve recorded about Yii 2. I’m trying to publish a new tutorial every one-two week.

Yii project structure

How to configure your Yii application

Working with Gii

How to login user from DB (make login functionality)

Gooo Yiii

Thanks for the resources!

Your welcome :)


Is there any such tutorials available for Yii2 or still need to wait for such useful tutorial?


There are multiple available from third parties but none official ones still.