yii2 blank page issue in all crud create and update actions


I have problem as follow:

At the localhost everything ok.

But, at hosting after model save method, controller redirect method return blank page without any error.

my code here:

public function actionCreate()


$model = new Project();

$file = UploadedFile::getInstance($model, 'file');

if ($model->load(Yii::$app->request->post()) && $model->save()) {

if($file) {

$path = 'uploads/projects/' . $file->baseName . '.' . $file->extension;


$model->image = $path;



return $this->redirect(['view', 'id' => $model->id]);

} else {

return $this->render('create', [

'model' => $model,




But redirect method works normally outside model save() method.

Please help me. Thanks