[Yii2] Best IDE

Hi all, i’d like knowing what is the best IDE to use for build our Yii2 application.

At the moment i use NetBeans IDE 8.0.1 and it works fine, but it’s not faster in complex projects.

What tools are you using?



I use PhpStorm and I find it awesome.

I use Sublime Text 3 for development and PhpStorm 8 for fine-tuning at the end since it has very good spell checker and code improvement detection.

I use Geany for simple Project and Our Own internal IDE for bigger!

PhpStorm is a good choice. It’s supporting Yii out of the box.

netbeans especially better in yii 2

PhpStorm supports PHP out of the box, there is no any special features for Yii.

Third-party plugin for Yii1 support exists, but it is outdated.

But still, PhpStorm is the most advanced PHP IDE, imho.

In this aspect, I think that the framework should adopt an official IDE. However, I think that Nebeans IDE 8.0.2 and 8.1 works fine with Yii2.

AFAIK, the Yii team has an open source license for PhpStorm.

Which means that it is probably the best supported IDE …

But what is the point anyway?

One of the great things about PHP is that you don’t need a special IDE for it.

I use Atom, but I plan to check out Visual Studio Code because it has evolved quite a bit lately.

Personally, I don’t like IDEs very much.

I tend to turn off auto-complete when I can and prefer to manually look at the source code instead of drowning in code-assistance techs.

The huge productivity boost after a short learning period. An IDE can make a real difference on smaller/simpler projects where the design phase is relatively short and writing the code takes a significant part of total development time. Especially when “developing an application” doesn’t mean “generating CRUD with Gii” for you. And IDEs provide much more functionality than code completion.

I am well aware of what an IDE is :)

It doesn’t make me more productive, though, because I type way faster than intelli-sense / auto-complete.

I like Atom because with it I can integrate tools myself - xdebug, Gulp, lint, Codeception, … - and I decide how it all works.

I have spent way too much time tweaking NetBeans, Eclipse to do what I want - often only to discover that it is not possible.

I have given those IDEs lots of chances - only to be let down.

I am going to look into Visual Studio Code, though, because it looks like it has great xdebug integration - and hopefully I am able to tweak the intelligence to my liking :)

((And VS Code is just an editor, not an IDE))

For C++ development, however, I do use IDEs - QtCreator and KDevelop - but I am yet to find the perfect IDE for web development.

I’m sure about that.

I thought so because it feels slower to work with code assistance tools but I realized that I had more tickets closed at the end of the day, probably mostly due to the elimination of stupid typos and documentation lookups.

PHPStorm has a very handy built-in terminal and I use it frequently when I’m not really satisfied with the integration of a tool (Grunt) or a tool doesn’t need any “integration” (Composer).

That’s why I gave PHPStorm a try when the hype started about it - and never looked back.

However, I understand your points and, despite appearances, I’m not trying to sell you PHPStorm or any other IDE :)

I use PHPStorm. Works great, helps me keep from making stupid mistakes. Fast enough on a 4-core 4.5GHz pc with SSD.

Kind of slow loading on lower spec machines.

I user Notepad++ when making quick tweeks or using my really slow laptop.


My choice is Codelobster

It has special plug-in for Yii framework.

You should not depend on an IDE to correct your typos. You should actively participate in your coding process such that you should remember the methods names, params, locally available params, component attributes / methods all by mind. IDE may help explore a new codebase, but you may wish to use a flexible editor to make code changes.

Having said, I use Netbeans myself :rolleyes:, turned slave for its auto-complete, variable highlighting within scope, click to explore, still finding my ways to choose to my favourite editor, ViM. Currently, I use jVi editor with Netbeans – best of both worlds. But, once I got familiar with jVi, I started to realise it is more of a emulator and lacks many key functionality that a real ViM editor does.

Most of the screencast provided by experienced developers almost always use ViM. You can merely move your eyes to follow their coding pattern. It doesn’t mean everyone should use ViM. As Dave said in Progmatic Programmer, your editor should be extension of your hand. Choose one editor of your choice, learn it really well to the point that you shouldn’t feel that are typing code. Your hands should mechanically move and type the code to get along with your thought process. It may takes years to get such enlightenment.

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Now, I use phpStorm is best for me

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We have our Internally developed IDE. If am not using that then I use VS Code with PHP plugin.
Light and beautiful!