Yii2-Authclient - How To Change Url To Redirect To?

Has anyone worked with the yii2-authclient? I am trying to set it up and have most of it working, except that the popup window doesn’t seem to be redirecting properly.

If I return nothing, then it works properly - the popup window closes and the main window redirects home.

If I return a redirection, then the popup window itself redirects to the page and the main window stays the same.

public function successCallback($client)


    $attributes = $client->getUserAttributes();

    // user login or signup comes here

    return $this->redirect(["/test/route"]); // popup window redirects

    return; // popup window closes and main page redirects home


Ok, it seems to be returning different things.

If you return a Response object, then it returns that directly. Meaning that it calls Controller::redirect(). But if you return nothing, then the AuthAction calls its own AuthAction::redirect().

The difference is that the latter uses yii2-authclient/views/redirect.php, which seems to handle the popup window close/redirection. The former, of course, doesn’t use this.

Is this a bug? Or am I just doing something completely wrong?

    // yii2-authclient/AuthAction.php

    protected function authSuccess($client)


        if (!is_callable($this->successCallback)) {

            throw new InvalidConfigException('"' . get_class($this) . '::successCallback" should be a valid callback.');


        $response = call_user_func($this->successCallback, $client);

        if ($response instanceof Response) {

            return $response;


        return $this->redirectSuccess();