yii2 as API & backend


I have a beginner question. I’m mostly a frontend guy, Angular etc, but backends has never been my specialty.

Time to learn I guess…

What I want to achieve, by learning on the fly, is:

  • Have a seperate Angular(2) frontend with solely getting info with the API.

  • I’d like to create a backend (rest API and an admin dashboard) in yii2 (im looking at Laravel too, to be honest) where all the functionality lies.

Could I get some advice on:

  • Why I should use the advanced template over the basic one, or why not.

  • If my idea about the seperation is OK

  • Are there any decent templates or examples that can guide me further into setting up my ideas.

Much thanks for any feedback!

You have two applications — API and admin. Advanced project template is closer to your goal since there’s ready to use application separation.

Yes. It’s good.