yii2-app-advanced with multiple console applications

Hi to all!

I need to implement an application consisting of 3 parts:

1 - "server" (backend) console application

2 - "client" (frontend) console application

3 - "client" (frontend) web application

The server and the client applications are not indipendent because they use some common models.

What is the best directory structure? And so the best yii2 template?

Is the yii2-app-advanced the best way to start with? And if I use it, how can I handle the two different console application with the yii script?

Any other advice about the best structure to implement multiple console (sub-)applications?


Advanced template looks like a good start. I see it as 3 separate applications. You’ll need two separate entry scripts for console such as ./yii-client and ./yii-server.

Thank you samdark, i will follow your advice.