Yii2 API ease of use


I like Yii 1 API class reference, it is easy to find anything with in the autocomplete field ; methods, attributes…

In Yii2, It’s much harder to find anytyhing.

Is it going to change or will it always work like that ? It doesn’t facilitate the use of the framework and it contributes to give me the will to switch to another framework because I waste too much time.


What are you trying to find? What was the query? What were results? What was expected?

If I search for example “beforeDelete”, the results are much clearer in the yii 1 API, I’d expect the same kind of results.

Ah, I see what you mean now. There’s a plan to fix it but I can’t promise it fixed fast.

Ok, at least it’s good to know it’ll be fixed, if not it’s hard to search within the API.

Thanks !