Yii2 , Angular and rest api

Hi , i am using angular and rest api in Yii2. I am using "dee\angular\" extension for angular. I need to authenticate user in Rest Api so I have used "Query parameter: the access token is sent as a query parameter in the API URL, e.g., https://example.com/users?access-token=xxxxxxxx. Because most Web servers will keep query parameters in server logs, this approach should be mainly used to serve JSONP requests which cannot use HTTP headers to send access tokens."

So for routing there is routing as



    'requires' => ['ngResource','ui.bootstrap','dee.ui'],

    'routes' => [

'/:id/experience' => [

            'view' => '/experience/index',

            'js' => '/experience/js/index.js',

            'injection' => ['Experience',],


'resources' => [

'Experience' => [

            'url' => 'http://'.$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"].'/merocv/api/v1/experiences/:id?access-token='.Yii::$app->user->identity->access_token,

            'actions' =>[

                'update' => [

                    'method' => 'PUT',





So in this case there is error "" Not found.

Because we have not send ":id" in the url it gives error. But in case of view and update its working

So how can we pass extra parameter from url? Or we have another method to pass "access_token" in this extension?

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