Hello All! Please I need help on how to place the Yii2 advanced app. folder structure inside PHPDESKTOP.

Please how do i arrange the Yii2 folder structure & where will the index.php file be placed inside the PHPDESKTOP.

I have developed a small app. with Yii2 advanced. I want to deploy it using the PHPDESKTOP software.

Expecting your reply thanks !!

Please, kindly help explain how I can put a Yii2 app in PHPDESKTOP.

I have just created a small app in Yii2. I want to put it in PHPDESKTOP.

Please how do I arrange it?

Where will the index.php file be ?

And the folder structure ?

Expecting your response, Thanks !!!

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Please don’t start another topic with the same subject.

As for phpdesktop, I’m very sorry but I don’t think that you can get a quick reply to get started with it, because it doesn’t look very popular in our community.

Probably you have to read the documentation of it step by step from the beginning on your own.