Yii2, ajax grid doesn't work fine

Each one that managed to make an ajax function within a grid row; that is, from a button or a link of a certain cell. This works well.

However, after the grid is updated using Ajax; Either to sort or filter; These functions are no longer executed. I have been observing this problem since Yii 1.x.

The same happens to third-party libraries such as kartik \ editColumn. They only work the first time, after the Grid “reloads”, they no longer work. It’s wrong?

Is it a standard grid without any third party plugins? How do you attach event for displaying this inline form?

How about Alex, thanks for answering. Reviewing a little Jquery, I could see that the problem was solved by placing the script that invokes Ajax inside the PJAX block.

But for this particular problem of the image shown, I have no idea how it is solved. Since it is a third party widget.