Yii2 advanced template the application: Every calls should be from RESTful API

(Gideonvbabu) #1

I am a newbie to Yii. I have a requirement like this:

The web application should have RESTful API services to use it to start mobile application similar to a web application. The web application also displays and manipulate information through REST API only.

It shouldn’t be normal MVC pattern. If I am hitting about us link or Employee link, there should be API calls and from the response, only the content should be displayed on the web application.

I am checking out the Yii2 advanced template. I have tested budiirawan’s this artic and it is working good as a separate API. Are there any modules for the Yii2 advanced template to fulfill my requirement?

Please suggest me your ideas? I need to send every call from a controller to API and then back to view instead of models?

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(Alexander Makarov) #2

You don’t really need extensions for that. REST API is created using standard toolbox. UI is usually made using AngularJS or VueJS.