Yii2 advanced project assets: Not allowed to load local resource

I want to include fonts to use them in pages. I created 2 folders in api/web/theme which are css and fonts css folder contains fonts.css and fonts contains tff files.

I created an asset bundle in common to use these files in email templates:

namespace common\assets;

use yii\web\AssetBundle;

class AppAssets extends AssetBundle
    public $baseUrl = '@api/web/theme';

        public $css = [

     public function init()

when I run the page I get the following error:

Not allowed to load local resource: {{path}}/css/fonts.css

I tried to change permission of the folder theme but still it’s not working…

takeown /f api\web\theme* /r

icacls api\web\theme\ /grant Everyone:F /t

Hi zainab773,
Is the @path alias setup correctly in common/config/bootstrap.php?