YII2 404 error

Hi Friends,

         Am creating a new application in yii2. I download the basic template from yii site and I run it it works fine. Then I Created a Models,Controller and view the files are created sucessfully. 

         Now the Issue is when i Open the page like "http://localhost/applicationname/index.php?r=registration/index" it shows 404 page not found error it make me twist for past 3 days help me out..

Can you give us more detailed information about your problem?

For example, what Controller did you create and where did you place it?

Thank You for the reply… @softark

Created using gii. The folders are created.

          RegistrationController in app/controllers

          RegistrationSearch in app/models

          Registration in app/models

          registration in app/views

Looks just standard.

Can you give us more debug information about your error (e.g. app.log with stack traces)?