Yii2.0 CRUD-Generator doesn't read out foreign keys, at all

I just created three modells using FORM-Generator. Furthermore, I created following files, using CRUD-Generator:

generated controllers\BewerbungenController.php

generated models\BewerbungenSearch.php

generated views\bewerbungen\_form.php

generated views\bewerbungen\_search.php

generated views\bewerbungen\create.php

generated views\bewerbungen\index.php

generated views\bewerbungen\update.php  

generated views\bewerbungen\view.php


Unfortunatley,Yii2.0 just reads out table as it is, without recognizing foreign keys in it.

Foreignkeys ‘Rechtsart’ and ‘Feedback’ could not be read(see my attachement)

How can I solve this problem?

Can I use any extensions or widgets of generator, or do I have to programm querys like this:

$sql = "SELECT datum,firma,art,stadt,plz,strasse_nr,ansprech_person,email,notiz 

AS feedback,bemerkung FROM bewerbungen JOIN rechtsform

ON bewerbungen.rechtsart=rechtsform.id_recht

JOIN nachricht ON bewerbungen.feedback=nachricht.id_message ORDER BY datum DESC";