[Yii1.1]ids detect attack with remember Me functionality after login

I have great problem with Yii 1.1. I do a correct implementation of yii login functionnality. But i have one big problem: i use ids to detect intrusion, but if user connect him and active RememberMe, the application generated error. If i delete the rememberMe cookie stored in browser, the application work normally. Ids log in my database the following errors :

Total impact: 18<br/>

Affected tags: xss, csrf, sqli, id, lfi, rfe<br/>


Variable: COOKIE.2241ce6d8ef77b83ee3ae5b3923f1b5e | Value: 063e26c822746d4ca73de947f67caac05926b2e2s:137:&quot;3ce5823b8cf2a2e68a1eb7bf2a509adb9064c29fa:4:{i:0;s:2:&quot;44&quot;;i:1;s:23:&quot;test@gmail.com&quot;;i:2;i:2592000;i:3;a:1:{s:4:&quot;role&quot;;s:1:&quot;1&quot;;}}&quot;;<br/>

Impact: 18 | Tags: xss, csrf, sqli, id, lfi, rfe<br/>

Description: Detects self-executing JavaScript functions | Tags: xss, csrf | ID: 8<br/>

Description: Detects classic SQL injection probings 2/2 | Tags: sqli, id, lfi | ID: 43<br/>

Description: Detects unknown attack vectors based on PHPIDS Centrifuge detection | Tags: xss, csrf, id, rfe, lfi | ID: 67<br/>

<br/>Centrifuge detection data<br/> Threshold: 3.49<br/> Ratio: 3.4<br/><br/>