(Shivakumarparamasivam) #1

I wants to use eclipse IDE for Yii

(Alexander Makarov) #2

Well… use it. Why not?

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(Cyberpol 777) #4

Create a project from existing files.

Select your app folder.

Don’t forget to add the yii framework folder to the include path! This way you will have auto completion, etc.

(Jacob Moen) #5


(Shivakumarparamasivam) #6

Thanks you Friend.But the problem is my workspace is in d:/workspace. But wamp server is in c:/wamp,if I use the auto generation of the yii framework to create model/control class,it’s created in c: under the my application.it’s not reflecting in d: . how to resolve this prob…

Thanks in advance… :)