Yii, Yii2 or basic PHP to backend

Hello everyone.

I’m developer from MagnusBilling.com Opensource system to voip providers Yii1 based.

this project use Yii1 to web panel backend. Frontend use Extjs 6.

And use Yii1 to process the calls with Asterisk.

My question is about use Yii or not in the asterisk integration.

This integration is that process all calls and it use many SELECT and on the end INSERT in the history call database .

Is a good ideia use YII?

Yii1 or Yii2? What is more faster?

This is the component to integrate with Asterisk https://github.com/magnussolution/magnusbilling6/tree/master/protected/components/AGI

Best regards

Which is faster? Straight PHP :) With any framework there is overhead.

If Yii1.1 is fast enough for your needs, then framework overhead is not a problem. Yii2 "may" be a little faster because of the name spacing that seems to load only the required objects for that page, not every object in components/extensions/modules/etc.

Another thought would be that Yii1 is only in maintenance. Yii2 is actively being updated (read fixing problems/enhancing). I would probably go with the upgrade to Yii2. It also provides for the cleanup/optimization of your code. Let’s face it, you know more now than you did before, you may know a better way of doing X than you did when you wrote doing X.

Just random thoughts. Good luck.

p.s. Looking at the first file of the link component, It doesn’t look like a lot of “Yii code” in there, so there may not be too much difference.