Yii/Yii2 developer with 3 Years of experiance

Hello i am 3 years experianced Yii developer. In 3 year i am fully concentrated on YII [ 3 year ] / YII 2 [ from last 1 year] . Have experienced with 100+ Yii / Yii2 extentions. Created 15+ [ small [ finished within a week ] and Big [ took more than 6 month to finish ] apps. Right now i am working on Yii2 app from a client of USA. Expert in jQuery and frontend.

I have another 2 developers with me . they both are experianced and trained under me. I will be guiding them to finish projects.

We are familiar with most of the extensions by Kartik-V. And many more opensource things.

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http://stackoverflow.com/users/2542806/jaimin-moslake’ class=‘bbc_url’ title=‘External link’ rel=‘nofollow’>My link http://stackoverflow.com/users/2542806/jaimin-moslake

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After creating some extentions. It will be in top 1000 soon.

Right now working on my own PHP Validation library which can validate everything in php. will also create Yii2 extention for it. Will be soon available on GITHUB.

Contact me on :

skype : moslake7020

email : jaiminmoslake7020@gmail.com

linkedIN : https://in.linkedin…eloper-517a4985

I like to work on large APPs. Yes my rate is 10$/hr also depends on APP.


Looking for experienced Yii developer for startup, we have already developed the base product and now enhancing the same. The startup is based on crowdsourced testing, and we are looking for a Co-Partner who can guide the team and work parallely. This position will be based on equity/shares.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Visit www.testunity.com for more information about the company.