Yii/Yii2 Developer/Manager

Dear Sir,

Hello hi how are you ? Hope you are doing fine. I contacted you regarding My one friend is looking for part time work (15-20 hours week). He was working under me for 2.5 years. He has a Yii/Yii2/Wordpress/Joomla/Codeignator experience. He is still working at some other company right now in same domain. We have experince with different kind of projects. Small to very big. I myself has experince of 4+ years in specifically only and only in Yii/Yii2 domain. I will be able to guide him and manage the project but he will be the main developer on the project but i will be available whenever he will need my help. We are looking for work if you have any oppertunities for us just let me know.

If you have any doubts about our skills we can settle a skype technical interview.

We are good at every espect of web development.

Frontend : We are experieced with Html, CSS, Bootstrap , Jquery, JqueryUI, lot of other Jquery and Javascript pluggins.

Backend : MySQL we have used in our every projects MySQL database. So we are good at DB normalization , Foriegn Key Relations, Routines, Triggers , Functions.

We are experienced with GIT and SVN.

We love PHPStorm, SourceTree.

I am experienced with BOWER, COMPOSER.

If you have any doubts we can give you our code to review we have created for us to make things simpler.

So if you have any oppertunities. Get back to me.


Jaimin MosLake




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