yii WYSIWG Editor recommandation?


I want to use WYSIWG Editor in a form.

Can anybody recommend a good WYSIWG Editor for Yii?



you can try this - http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/wysiwyg-text-editor/

Just tried that…

Always gives this annoying popup. (just read the comments)

Any other alternatives?


I always use this


There are a couple of bugs but I think they are basically pointed out in the comments.


JWysiwyg is nice and small (JQuery based):


as it MarkItUp:


TinyMCE is a very good WYSIWYG editor :)

I use it with the Tinymce Ajax File and Image Manager from PhpLetter.com.

that works for me


WYSIWGs are evil :)


Most of the people tend to copy-paste content from Microsoft Word directly to form, thus creating funny html markup.

I hate wysiwygs, preferring BB-code, textile markup or something.

That was not the question, was it? ;)

I have the same concerns.End Users who post with WYSIWGs can not only mess up the CSS consinstency,the may even break the site’s layout.I am not familiar with BB-code and textile-markup,can you offer some links?

@Angel De La Noche, @drumaddict: Have you tried CHtmlPurifier? I always use it to make sure unallowed html elements/attributes/styles are removed from wysiwyg-input.

Did`nt have good results which i expected.