Yii Workflow

I have application like forum, registered users can post questions to this forum, and registered users can reply to any questions. The states of question are – Open- post a question

Active- Get a reply for posted question


if any user posted answer to a particular question, send a mail to the user who posted that question.

Is it possible to use the workflow in this case?

Any solutions…?

How create workflow? How set status in controller action? How mail send by using this workflow?


I have no experience in this field. but if searching on http://www.yiiframework.com/extensions/ with ‘mybb’ an ‘phpbb’ words maybe found a few extension for it.

Need not any other extensions. How it possible using yii workflow engine?

how to create dynamic workflow in yii…?

Have you tried this extension? Homepage.

Your question suggests the ‘work-flow.’ This sounds like the blog demo with a slight modification.

Question Active: In ‘comment’ model ‘insert’ check the status in actionCreate(). If active, insert into model and send email (see ContactForm in standard skeleton app).

Question Closed: Don’t show the reply form.

I would do the closed check in actionCreate, and notify user that question is closed via setFlash incase they somehow got there without the form.

See this link