Yii without command line


here’s my problem: My webhoster doesn’t allow command line access. Thus, I cannot create the testdrive-app. Is there any other possibility to create this? Or can I download it? Is it really necessary to create other applications? Any help will be welcome - thx!


the app run on your web host is your production app , the test app is just for developing . you can set up a whole environment in your own computer (thus there may no limitation) ,when you finished your developing just upload the production app.you 'd better keep the developing environment most same as your production environment(such as webserver ,php version .mysql version etc…)

actually i never use the test-driven approach , some time it is a waste of time :lol:

That’s not a problem. :)

When you develop your Yii application you are doing so on your local machine.

Like Yiqing95 said.