Yii with Sql Server

Hi guys,

I’m building an app that use an Sql Server and I use dblib driver for connection (Linux Server):

'db' => [

            'class' => 'yii\db\Connection',            

            'dsn' => 'dblib:host=xxx.xxx.xx.xx:49970;dbname=DBNAME;charset=UTF-8',

            'username' => 'xx',

            'password' => '*****',

            'charset' => 'UTF-8',


I’ve a problem with encoding characters like àòèù.

If I set my application ‘charset’ property to ‘ISO-8859-1’ all data that become from db are ok, but I’ve problem with other string in my views/widgets…

I can’t modify my db configuration what can I do when display data or when I save data to db?

Thank you in advance.


N.B in my local machine with windows and sqlserver driver I’ve not this problem