Yii with LDAP

Hi, can I use Yii with LDAP?

and how?

I’m new to Yii… so please go easy on me  :)

Ideas anybody ?

Is it possible to use LDAP for Yii ?

Actually I'm a cakephp user, and I'm planning on switching to Yii.

But this remains my bottle neck, if its not possible, then I better stick to cake.


Yii doesn't have built-in support for LDAP. However, you can use Zend Framework's LDAP component inside Yii. You may refer to the following readings:



And maybe Yii will even have a CLdapIdentity in 1.1? Who knows? http://code.google.c…es/detail?id=11 ;)

@jigman: Maybe this would be your first contribution to Yii? In such case I guess that the ldap-extension is considered over Zend_Ldap?

Yours links are out…

Try this:


And this:


I’ve managed to authenticate a user at AD with only 6 lines of code when using adLDAP. Totally KISS!