Yii with Html5 Boilerplate,Bootstrap and Semantic Grid

It’s not rocket science but some may find it useful.I just had to eliminate Brueprint CSS framework from Yii.






Rocket science or not, this is a very nice share.

I like having a set of starting apps to choose from, so thank you!

Bookmarked this until I have time for a new projekt!

Hi drumaddict,

thanks for sharing this. it is interesting.

Do you have any concerns about mixing HTML with XHTML?

I think you’ve misunderstood what HTML5 is, Fsb. :)

There is no doc type anymore.

It’s gone.

There is only html left.

You can ask the browser what it can do, or not.

Or use libraries which can help if the browser can’t do what you need it to do.

Of course, there are some new rules, but they are minimal.

Basically, we are more free to abuse the poor browsers now. ;D

i’m sure i misunderstand a lot, jacmoe. probably everything.

What i wanted to be sure of was if problems can arise from using xhtml syntax inside a an html5 document.

I found some key text:

"Then, if the element is one of the void elements, or if the element is a foreign element, then there may be a single U+002F SOLIDUS character (/). This character has no effect on void elements, but on foreign elements it marks the start tag as self-closing."


so CHtml’s use of a / before the > of a void tag is harmless.

so this is not a reason to upgrade CHtml to html5. i am pleased.

JacMoe is right in the sense that browsers are very forgiving and don’t care about the doctype or your syntax anymore.You can even omit a closing tag and the browser will close it for you.With that said,it’s good to know that if you use non HTML5 syntax,your document will not validate in W3C Validator Service.Some people,like me,are kind of obsessed with the idea of being “valid” even if the standards for HTML5 are not fixed yet.I guess having that HTML5 logo in your site gives people the impression that you are on the cutting edge of web development.

drumaddict, are you saying that <img … /> in an HTML5 doc causes validation failure?

as i read it, the html5 spec seems to say that <img … /> is valid html5.


I try to compile the less files with winless, but I get many many error messages:

6:14:13 PM	C:\xampp\htdocs\druma\less\bs\wells.less	ErrorOR:

  type: Name

  message: .border-radius is undefined

6:14:11 PM	C:\xampp\htdocs\druma\less\bs\type.less	ErrorOR:

  type: Name

  message: variable @baseLineHeight is undefined


where do I go wrong?