Yii website is out of date

We are currently contemplating migrating from Yii 1 to Yii 2, since Yii 1 is no longer being maintained (except for security fixes by my understanding). However, when doing a competitive analysis of current PHP frameworks I find that the Yii website is really lacking up-to-date information on the main page.

For example:

  • The “about” -> “about yii” section references it’s written in PHP5. Does that mean it’s not intended to run on PHP7? I’m assuming not. Perhaps this can be updated to explain it does or does not run on PHP 7.

  • The "about" -> "performance" section is outdated, which makes it irrelevant and confusing. The performance comparison is done with Yii 1.0.2. Similarly it references the important of APC, which is that actually a requirement in Yii 2? Or is Yii 2 just optionally allowing the use of APCu? Also, the description of "Why Yii is so Fast" of "Yii is so much faster because it is using the lazy loading technique extensively". Is this truly a big improvement, even with PHP7s JIT compiler?

Not as important to me, but wanted to call the UX experience on the Yii website.

  • If you want to showcase Yii as a modern competitor with most other MVC frameworks, I think it’s important to showcase the View aspect of it on the main site. The website looks dated and could use a face lift.

  • I’m not sure how much hosting is currently costing, but perhaps you could take on donation money or have corporations help support the hosting so that the site doesn’t need to be littered with ads.

I hope this doesn’t come off as being rude, I just wanted to provide some constructive criticism.

  • Jesse

New website is being developed right now. You can see work in progress at http://yiiframework.domain-na.me/

Good points overall.