Yii vs Symfony.

Does Yii better then Symfony? Why?

P.s. I like Yii and i have to write text about compare Yii and Symfony.

Yii is not better than Symfony. Symfony is not better than Yii. They are a bit different with their own cons and pros.

talking about the scaffolding/crud and code generation?

I know symfony and i’ve used it in the past and i think it is unuseless over complicated as zend framework

Symfony has a different approach to coding with yaml and doctrine. you’re somewhat comparing a truck with a sedan.

In my opinion Symfony has maybe more documentation but it’s harder to master.

I was working with Cake, Zend and Symfony, and just a little bit with Yii.

For now, I think that once you get on with symfony, you have much more possibilities than with other frameworks.

Maybe for most of the people that couldn’t handle symfony, would be better to improve own OOP and patterns knowledege at first.

But there is a thing that I really hate about sf - the form framework. Big doc but still pretty useless, not very easy to customize (unless you’re God in sf Forms). YAML forms in sf 1.0 were much better for me.

I hate to write stupid sfForm class just for the 2 inputs form.

But still, if you’re good with sf, it’s veeeery powerfull.

Hi All

I also have some experience with Symfony but now I’m looking out for some more lightweighted and faster framework.


Could you say did you have Sf exp on any big multiuser systems? Does Yii worth to switch over to it for the task where speed and flexibility are going at the first place?