Yii vs. Ruby on Rails

After some failed attempts of asking this question to other people, I decided to get some good experience with both the frameworks. Here’s my take on this topic: http://gauravchande.com/yii-vs-rails

A co-worker of mine uses it, he couldn’t give me an argument why Rails was better than Yii. I think Rails is a great language to start in, it’s focused on simple syntax which is good if you’re starting with webdevelopment. However, when your application gets bigger, and you need to go outside the predefined paths, you’re in trouble. I don’t see RoR overcome it’s notorious scaling issues while maintaining it’s simplicity.

Yii is somehwere in the middle, you have a simplistic and elegant syntax, but you can still go under the hood if the project requires it. And because it’s based on PHP, it’s faster, more stable and easier to deploy.