Yii Vs Php In Cronjobs

Hello, we develop a system with Yii in backend and EXTJS in frontend.

Presentation System:

Name: MagnusBilling

Web: http://www.magnusbilling.com

Demo: Username: root Password: magnus

Description: Free System for IP telephony providers.

Well, the system is 100% developer in Yiiframework in backend, but this integration with Asterisk is in php pure.

This integration is a script executed via command every time a customer start a call. (More or less like a cronjobs)

This script check if the customer has credit, check the cost of the call, and saves the results in the database.

My question is about the performance of Yii in relation to pure php. Script is a great, and many SELECT and INSERT in mysql.

This script is developed in phpOO, and adodb.

3 class, and approximately 5000 lines.

Who is faster? Yii or php with adodb?


I hope comments and indications.

Yii uses PDO, what is better/faster ?

You can check it by yourself: