Yii-Vnotification (Tech Demo Only)


I’m working on a realtime notification system for Yii. The base concept is that we are sending a message from Yii (using predis, and redis’ publish feature), while we are running a node.js app where socket.io clients can subscribe to redis messages.

This extension will be a fully featured realtime notification system, but currently, this is only a tech demo, as many function are not implemented.

You can find the source on github: https://github.com/voidcontext/yii-vNotifer

And I wrote a simple demo app: https://github.com/voidcontext/yii-vNotifer-demo

Later, when the extension will reach the beta stage, I will set up the demo app on a server.

Any comments, questions, and criticism is much appreciated.


looks wonderful i am sorry i have no knowledge about redis server and node app.

I tried to google around but don’t really get the answer.

how can I start redis server and node app?

Thanks a lot.

how to use a demo ??

I meant how to implement a demo ??


The demo repository contains an example implementation. Please notice that, this extension is not compatible with Yii2.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Have a nice day :)