Yii version

Hi everyone!

Just a note. Please always specify the Yii version you use.

Found it very important. We could spend hours looking for the answer, but the answer is the version difference.

Thank you!

I, and many other, uses the last updated framework (with svn).

So for me is quite difficoult to say the version, usually I al adding the revision number only if I am posting in "bug reports".

I use the last updated framework

It’s not clear to whom you are referring to write the Yii version…


It is a good practice to post the version when asking a question… as the error can be connected to the used version and already solved on SVN…

Ok as far as I understand SVN will keep the latest version automatically.

Then I have a question.

The table:

CREATE TABLE `tbl_image` (

   `img_id` int(10) unsigned not null auto_increment,

   `img_user_id` int(10) unsigned not null default '0',

   `img_maker_name` varchar(60),

   `img_maker_id` int(10) unsigned,

   PRIMARY KEY (`img_user_id`,`img_id`)


The rule:

array('img_maker_id', 'numerical', 'integerOnly'=>true, 'allowEmpty'=>true),

The form submits ‘[img_maker_id] =>’ which means empty.

The results after updateByPk or save or any other updates:

Old version (1.1.2) keeps img_maker_id=NULL which is as expected

New version (1.1.6) makes img_maker_id=0 which is unexpected

I could force and make it NULL by code, but where are the rules?

The question is how to control the different behavior? Without changing the code every time framework version updates?

Please point me at the related topic if any. Thank you.