Yii v1.1.10 UML

I made these yesterday using PhpStorm’s awesome built-in UML generation tool and figured I could share them in case anyone needs a more visual way of looking at Yii design and structure.

UML WITH methods and attributes (5,3MB)

UML WITHOUT methods and attributes (292KB)

EDIT: Added Organic Layout (PDF)

PS: These are png images, there’s no need for a UML software.

it’s really nice to see it visually

Tell me about it! I even printed it. It’s a 10x3 letter size pages poster :P

Is there any way you could rearrange that so it would fit on a DIN A3 paper?

Which one? Cause the full UML (with methods and attributes) is quite big and you wouldn’t read much of it in just one piece of A3 paper. Anyway, I’ll check what other arrangement options PhpStorm3 has.

BTW, what I did for printing was importing the image to a Libreoffice Calc sheet. That way I could split the image in several pages and tape’em together once printed.

The first one, so w/o attributes and methods. And I’m asking because I’ve got access to an A3 printer at work, so I could have it as a poster immediately :lol:

Maybe this could suit you better. Could have arranged it better but didn’t have much time :B

UML (Organic)

It certainly looks impressive :D

Glad you liked it, maybe if I have some more free time I’ll sort the classes better :P

very helpful, thank you mauriciorivera.

Awesome! Any chance the Organic Layout (PDF) can be made to work? It pulls up a 404 error saying doesn’t exist - Thanks so much!

Woops. There you go, fixed!.

Great diagrams, thanks for sharing.

I admit, that i never used UML diagrams much - but this diagram only shows the inheritance tree of classes. Wouldn’t it be much more useful to show the composition/aggregation etc. relationships for the most important classes we have? This could help much more to understand the inner workings of Yii’s core classes.

I was mainly interested in inheritance, and actually don’t know if PhpStorm3 UML tool has the features needed to do what you ask, but I’ll take a look.

Thanks so much!

great works ,Thank U.

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

It’s a nice work,Ha!But I dont’t know which uml-tool to open it?can you tell me ,thanks!And when I try to download,it show


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Thank you ;)