Yii v ASP.NET MVC 3 v DooPHP

Hi there,

I currently use PHP and C# (separately)

I want to use an MVC approach for a new application.

I wonder whether anyone can suggest whether Yii is as good as ASP MVC or even better? I want to spend my time learning as wisely as possible and given that I develop in both languages, I am not tied to a language choice but more around the best framework.

When trying to find comparisons between Yii and ASP MVC in Google, I also found developers talking about DooPHP too and they seem to suggest that it is the fastest and easiest to learn. If there are opinions around this, I would appreciate them too.

Thank you.

As a developer who has 1 year experience with Yii and more than 8 years with ASP I suggest you learn both.

Recently Microsoft released ASP.NET MVC and as I see it is a copy from others like it’s .NET Framework forgery from Java anyway we have to be smiled and learn it!