[Yii Usr Extension]

Hi, I’m using the usr extension.

Working great for the moment

I have a problem with using breadcrumbs for the login or profile page in this module.

breadcrumbs is undefined, I don’t know what to do ?

Second I have a problem with $passwordStrengthRules, default value is not working (even in the demo page)

To get it working I need to add directly in the rules of BasePasswordForm.php,

$this->passwordStrengthRules seems to be always null.

And to get the profile working (ie save new password), I have done the following change in DefaultController.php

in actionProfile function.

                if (isset($_POST['PasswordForm']) && trim($_POST['PasswordForm']['newPassword']) !== '') {


			if ($passwordForm->validate()) {

				if ($passwordForm->resetPassword($model->getIdentity())) {

					//$flashes['success'][] = Yii::t('UsrModule.usr', 'Changes have been saved successfully.');

				} else {

					$flashes['error'][] = Yii::t('UsrModule.usr', 'Failed to change password.');



			else {

				$flashes['error'][] = Yii::t('UsrModule.usr','Invalid password.');



I’m new in yii but want to learn.