I have 6 tables, 3 tables are used in yii-user module. One of the tables is ‘lm_linkovi’ and it’s connected to ‘lm_users’. giix generated modules and crud code. Now when I go to linkovi/create there’s an error when trying to make a dropdown list with available users.

include(Users.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Yii-user has been properly setup and is working correctly.

Please paste the stack trace and other information you might have.

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Sorry, I started again from scratch without yii-user and giix. Thanks

Have you tried add this in config/main.php in your ‘db’ section?

'tablePrefix' => 'lm_'



Thank you for suggestion Daniel, I’m sure I had that. Yii-user was functioning normally, I could register, login, view profiles and everything else.

The problem is that the authors of Yii-User doesn’t follow the conventions.

The user table is called ‘users’ which trips Gii into calling it Users in the relations.

That’s because the model is called User and the table ‘users’. Which goes against the ‘Yii Rules’.

Fix is to simply look over the generated relations and change Users to User. ;)