yii-user vs yii-user-management, which is better?


Has anybody tried both the yii-user and yii-user-management extensions?

Which is better and/or what are the pros and cons of each one?



Yii-user is user management only.

Yii-user-management has access control (rbac) as well.

The latter is - or was at the time that I evaluated it - difficult to install/manage due to numerous bugs - but it’s probably a bit better now.

Personally, I would recommend writing your own user management code and use one of the various rights management modules, like rbam and friends.

User management is often very specific to your application, and I’ve ended up rewriting large parts of Yii-User to suit my apps needs.

Lately, I’ve been using the userGroups module, and I like it.

It’s a blend of user management and rights management, but it’s lean and flexible.

Rights, which is great, is just too complex IMO.

I am using that for a project of mine, and I’ve been wanting to replace it for some time now…

So, my recommendation would be to look into userGroups, or write your own user management code. ;)

I like the idea of looking into separate right management modules.

But the part that I feel most like not writing myself is email confirmation for user registration, i.e.: user registers via a register form, receives an email, and confirms his/her registration by clicking a link.

Is that included in both yii-user and yii-user-management?

thanks a lot


Yii-user has it.

I think userGroups has it too.

May I suggest that you take Yii-user for a spin, if you want to have separation from rights management. :)