Yii-user & Srbac

Dear all,

Just want to know whether there is any ongoing project of integrating yii-user and srbac modules? Both of them are quite cool, it is a real pity that they cannot coexistent and provide a perfect solution for user management and permission control.

Any one knows?


I don’t know what is going on with those projects. However I have a side project I am working on that provides a user management foundation (among other things) for Yii. It is called YiiPIS (www.yiipis.com). Code is available on github (github.com/lucifurious). Mirepoix is the user management system. Keep an eye for the release.

Hello Shrek,

My access control module, Rights, should work with the yii-user module.

Rights can be found at:


Check it out if it seems like something you’re looking for.

Srbac should be able to be used with any user management module as soon as you provide the User class and it’s username and user_id attributes in srbac configuration.











Thanks guys, will have a try~

One problem with the yii-user extension is it uses the accessControl filter. Thereby there is double access-checks done in the yii-user controls and other third-party controllers using accessControl.

In order to get around this you can simply do…


class Controller extends SBaseController


// ...	

	public function filterAccessControl($filterChain){




… This should help everywhere the controllers are extended from SBaseController, and only srbac access checking is done.

Thanks krillzip, however can you explain a little more what this function does?