Yii User role management

I want to create user roles using yii but taking the role information from the database matching them to a model. I am kind of new to yii, but i have done some research regarding it and saw some tutorials. but i want the roles to be assigned to the button levels such that for a user with x role the button z is not displayed or the action is disabled. I want to intergrate it to yii’s role management rather than making a full new one. So if any one has any idea about it do provide it. Thanks.

Yii doesn’t provide a useable role management system rather than functions to create your own. But you still don’t have to create your own one because there are many extensions in the database here. Look for “righs” extension or generally at the Auth Category in the extension db.

So CDbAuthManager can be used to develop my own roles management similar to that of Zend ACL. I want to give roles to certain resources in the system so access to those resources can be managed. This maybe down to the level of buttons and not only pages or views.

Thanks for the reply.