Yii-User Profilepic Error

The goal was to make user able to upload the png photo durning the registration process. There is an extension - yii-user profilepic (with the usage of yii-users ofc) which allows you to upload images to the profiles.

Link -> github.com/rizkyramadhan/yii-user-profilepic

(installed with the instruction there)

This thing allows you to upload a picture durning the registration OR later in the profile page

The problem is: profile uploading works fine, im selecting, cropping and saving image BUT the same field in registration form just doesnt work

What is happening: im selecting an image, its uploading, everything is okay, its uploaded, and SUDDENLY … nothing. "Broken picture link" icon appears. The image link is something like myapp/undefined, chrome console shows 500 error and then 404 error (because of that undefined link)

You can try it by yourself here:

(i’ll leave the server working for the night i guess)

Any ideas?

As far as I understand you cannot combine a file upload with Ajax validation.

Well i see this in a ProfileController aswell but it works there